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Overview Document

Rationale to the Toolkit and background on congenital disorders.


Introduction to HNA and Methodology

Introduction to HNA and methodology behind the toolkit.


Getting Started

Identification of HNA topics and planning of the process. Please complete if you have NOT done so already.


Guide to Using the Toolkit

Information on how to use the toolkit.


Background: Sickle Cell Disease

Information and key references on Sickle Cell Disease.


Tool: Sickle Cell Disease

Leads the user through the needs assessment process for Sickle Cell Disease.


Calculator: Sickle Cell Disease in Cameroon

Used for entering numerical data estimates and calculations for Sickle Cell Disease in Cameroon.


Prioritisation and Planning

To be completed if you have conducted a HNA for several topics and you wish to prioritise across them.


Final Report

To be completed once you have conducted you all your individual HNAs and prioritised across topics.


Supporting Document

Additional general information.


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